Best Gin and Prosecco Cocktails

Best Gin and Prosecco Cocktails
What’s not to love about the fizzy goodness of a chilled flute of Prosecco? How about the cocktail making wonders of a crisp splash of gin? But have you ever tried combining the two for an exciting mix of goodness? We have, and it’s wonderful!  If you want the best of both worlds—Prosecco and Gin—we have some simple, and delicious, cocktail recipes you can try at home. We’ve even added a bit of history for both beverages just to satisfy your curiosity.

A Brief History of Prosecco 

The first time we see anything written about Prosecco is in 1590, by Fynes Moreson. However, the spelling he used was different, calling it “Prosecho”. In 1754, the modern spelling of Prosecco is written in a book by Aureliano Avanti. His words about the beverage were, “And now I’d like to wet my mouth with Prosecco with its apple bouquet.”  The New York Times reports that since 1998, the world market for Prosecco consumption has multiplied enormously, making it a popular global alcoholic beverage. 

A Brief History of Gin 

Mixing alcohol with Juniper—a key ingredient in gin—goes back to 70 AD, when juniper berries in wine were considered of medicinal value. Italian monks, over 1,000 years ago, found that juniper berries soaked in wine were worthy of writing about in religious medical journals.  In the 1600’s what is known as “The Gin Craze” hit England, creating a frenzy of obsessive drinking and unsafe alcohol consumption. In the 20th Century, gin made another big comeback, but this time, as a responsibly consumed alcoholic beverage.  Now, here is our selection of 3 best gin and Prosecco cocktail recipies:

Rhubarb Prosecco Collins

Ingredients: 1 medium stalk rhubarb, cut into generous chunks  1/2 cup sugar ¾ cup water  2 oz gin 1 ounce lemon juice 4 oz chilled Prosecco  Directions: Rhubarb Infused Simple Syrup - In a pot on the stove over medium heat, combine the water, sugar, and rhubarb until the sugar dissolves. Lower the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes, until the syrup turns pink. Discard the rhubarb and store the syrup in the fridge for later use. Directions for cocktail: In small batches, take a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add the cold simple syrup, gin, and lemon juice and mix. Pour into cocktail glasses and top with Prosecco.  Enjoy! 

Rhubarb Prosecco CollinsProsecco and Gin Punch

Ingredients: 1 bottle chilled Prosecco 1 Cup gin ⅓ Cup Simple Syrup ¼ Cup lemon juice Frozen fruit of choice  Directions: Take a decorative punch bowl and carefully stir in all ingredients. Float frozen fruit on top and serve in individual festive glasses.

Italian 75

Ingredients: 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 1 cup quality gin  1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 chilled bottle Prosecco  Directions for making the simple syrup ahead of time:  Stir the water and sugar in a saucepan over medium heat, until the sugar melts. Then simmer for just a few minutes. Place in the refrigerator for later use.  Chill flutes in the freezer. Then take the gin, lemon juice, and Prosecco and mix them in a cocktail shaker with ice. Repeat until all the ingredients have been used. Cheers!  Zonin Prosecco is known among sparkling wine drinkers as the best of the best. It is Italy’s finest Prosecco—made from the Glera grapes, grown in our privately held vineyard. Dedicated with a passion for quality winemaking, the Zonin family is proud to create a Prosecco that is just as perfect for a toast at a formal wedding, as it is for a casual brunch among friends.