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Baby Shower Drinks with Prosecco: Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys

Baby Shower Drinks with Prosecco Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys
Planning the perfect baby shower can be exciting. With the mother to be, and the soon to arrive bundle of joy, as your focus, there is no room for stressing over party planning.   To help make your event fun, memorable, and definitely stress-free, we’ve provided a few baby shower ideas just for you. We’ve even included a couple of pink and blue Prosecco drink recipes to get your party started.

Choosing The Date and Sending Out the Invitations

After checking with the mom to be, and deciding on the best date, it’s time to send out the invitations. (Note: Most showers are held around the 7th-month pregnancy mark, because morning sickness has ended, and the guest of honor usually has a handle on what she will need by now). For a casual event, invites can be done online. However for a slightly more formal gathering, handmade or purchased invitations—sent by snail mail—work best. Always allow a 3 week time period from the invitation arrival to the date of the event.  Remember: your guests have planning to do, too.  Be sure to encourage people to RSVP, because there’s nothing quite like planning a party for 12 guests that ends up being thirty.  Or vice versa. 

The Venue and Decorations

The venue may be a cafe or your living room. In nice weather - a patio, a backyard, or even a park can be just as lovely.  If you are at a cafe, the room is already pre-decorated. However, you can always add fresh flowers, colorful shower umbrellas, and even pink or blue balloons.  Party decorations are available in stores and online and don’t have to be expensive. Let your imagination run free — decorations can be simple, elegant, or just fun.  At your home (inside or outside) or in a park, fresh flowers, balloons, and a simple store-bought pink or blue party decor are perfect. If you have a theme, go with that, or you can stick with a basic pink or blue color scheme.  The table, whether for a buffet, appetizers, or a sit-down meal can be adorned for a formal gathering with fine linens, china, and crystal stemware, or for a more casual party: colorful paper party plates and festive paper napkins are just as perfect. The choice is completely yours.  The Venue and Decorations

Food and Drinks

A preset menu from a cafe will keep menu costs under control, rather than allowing everyone to order as they choose.  If the party will be at your home, and you feel overwhelmed about kitchen prep, you can always have the meal catered. Be sure to consider that guests may be balancing plates on their laps when choosing the menu items. For that reason, finger food always works great.  If the party is early in the day, consider making it a baby shower brunch with plenty of easy to serve fresh fruit and pastries.  If a full meal is too much, simple appetizers are always appreciated, as well as the traditional coffee and cake—or beautifully decorated cupcakes. Homemade is a special way of bringing your own creativity to the party, but if the idea of cooking adds to your stress level, having the food prepared for you is a great option. 

Entertainment at the Shower 

Background music adds to the festivities, as long as it’s not so loud that guests can’t enjoy their conversations. As for games, ask the mother to be for her preference. Some women just don’t enjoy games and would rather spend time in lively conversation. Others find traditional party games to be an essential part of the shower fun If you decide to go with games, there are many prepared sheets that can be picked up at any party store. Purchase enough for your guests, buy some pencils, pass them out, and let the games begin. And don’t forget to pick up small prizes for the winners! In the end, it’s all about the fun. 

A couple of simple, tasty, pink and blue Prosecco drinks your guests will love 

For the mom to be, you can always add sparkling water to her drink, then gift her a chilled bottle of Prosecco to be opened in celebration after the birth. Here are the pink drinks for the baby shower:   

Pretty in Pink Cocktail 

  Ingredients: One Bottle Strawberry flavored Juice  One Bottle Prosecco   Instructions: Pour one part juice into a stemmed glass Add one equal part Prosecco into the glass  Gently stir  Garnish each glass with sliced strawberries or colorful paper umbrellas   This one is as delicious as it is beautiful.   

Pink Lemonade and Prosecco Cocktail

  Ingredients: Pink lemonade Prosecco   Instructions: Be sure both ingredients are well chilled. Pour the pink lemonade into pretty cocktail glasses about ¾ full. Then fill the glass with Prosecco. This is a bubbly, sweet, and tart delight!    Now for the blue drink recipes for a baby shower:   

Sparkling Blue Cocktail

  Ingredients: Lemon slices   Dugar  Blue Curacao  Chilled Prosecco Lemonade    Instructions: Run the lemon slice around the rim of the flutes. Place the sugar in a flat bowl, and dip the flute rims in the sugar, coating them evenly. Fill the glass halfway with blue Curaçao, then add a generous amount of Prosecco, but leave a bit of room for a splash of tart lemonade at the top.  This drink will definitely make a statement and keep them coming back for more.    

Blue Hawaiian

  Ingredients: Rum Blue Curacao liqueur Crème de Coconut Pineapple Juice Prosecco    Instructions: Place all the ingredients (except the Prosecco) in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Then pour into stemmed glasses and top with a splash of Prosecco This drink is beautifully garnished with an exotic fresh flower.   The Zonin family takes great pride in creating high-quality Prosecco. We have the largest Glera vineyard in all of Italy, and we cherish old world winemaking traditions. We always value quality over quantity to ensure our customers receive only the best.