Zonin USA, Inc. Announces Name Change and a Growing Portfolio


Zonin USA, Inc., the official U.S. importer of Zonin1821, Italy’s largest privately-owned wine company, is pleased to announce that as of July 15, 2019 the name will formally be changed to 1821 Fine Wines & Spirits, A Zonin Family Company. The name change reflects the company’s expanded growth strategy and its transition into a diversified alcohol beverage company. A redesigned logo accompanies the name change and rebranding initiative.

In the past several years, the company has seen increasing growth on its existing premium Italian wine business while also expanding into Chile with the launch of the wine brand Dos Almas. The company has also added the strategic wine partner Piattelli from Argentina to its portfolio, and most recently, Two-Chicks, tequila- and vodka-based ready-to-drink cocktails.

“The new name of 1821 Fine Wines & Spirits emphasizes our long-term business objective of increasing and diversifying the portfolio,” says Tim Matz, Executive Vice President and General Manager of 1821 Fine Wines & Spirits. “We are actively looking at acquisition opportunities to expand our U.S. platform, and as a company with a history in delivering the highest quality products to the market, we are committed to continuing this endeavor with an expanded portfolio.”

1821 Fine Wines & Spirits will retain its current operating structure, enabling the company to maintain its close ties to existing distributors and trade, its continuity in the markets in which it is present, and the alacrity and flexibility with which it responds to changing market conditions.

Francesco Zonin, Chairman of 1821 Fine Wines & Spirits, adds, “We are pleased to announce the completion of our corporate name change to 1821 Fine Wine & Spirits, A Zonin Family Company, to best reflect this transition from Italian-based wines to a global portfolio. Twenty years ago, we created the importing arm of Zonin1821 to carry out our family values and missions, and it saw continued growth and expansion. Today, the new name serves as a more apt description of a company that has grown in both the breadth and depth of its product lines.”

About 1821 Fine Wines & Spirits:
1821 Fine Wines & Spirits is an independent subsidiary of Zonin1821, the largest privately-owned vine growing and winemaking company in Italy. Today the Zonin family, seven generations of winemakers, is one of the most important family owned vinicultural groups in Italy and Virginia, USA and is one of the leading private winemaking companies in Europe.

Zonin1821’s portfolio includes nine wineries located in the seven most prestigious wine growing areas in Italy, is committed to practicing ecologically sustainable viticulture and ensures that every bottle embodies the philosophy of preserving the local winemaking traditions, land, and culture of their respective regions. The 1821 Fine Wines & Spirits portfolio is distributed in all 50 states and more 120 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.1821fws.com.

Website: www.1821fws.com

Source: www.winebusiness.com