Zonin Prosecco Black

Prosecco (pronounce Proh-sehk-koh) takes its name from a quaint hillside town near Trieste, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. VINTAGE NV APPELLATION Veneto DOC AREA Northeast Italy GRAPES Glera and Pinot Noir VINIFICATION The must is obtained by very soft pressing of the grapes, then 50% undergoes an initial fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18° C. (64° F.) while the remaining 50% is stored at 0° C. (32° F.) as unfermented must. Lately they are assembled and transferred into pressurized stainless steel tanks where the wine is made sparkling using the traditional Charmat method. COLOR Bright straw-yellow; a fine, clear mousse with a very delicate perlage. BOUQUET Attractively intense; very fruity and aromatic, with hints of dog-rose and cardamom. PALATE Very well-balanced, well-structured and elegant with pleasant notes of cherries that enhance his persistance. FOOD PAIRINGS An excellent aperitif, it can also be served throughout the meal, in particular with sushi, boneless chicken roulade and pappardelle with prawns. SERVING TEMPERATURE 41°F - 45°F ALCOHOL LEVEL 11% BOTTLE SIZE 750 mL

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