Deliella Nero d’Avola IGT

Deliella (pronounced Dell-e-yellah) is the name of a renowned estate near Palermo, Sicily.


Sicilia IGT

Riesi, Sicily

100% Nero d'Avola

Deliella has a deep ruby-red color. The nose is full and persistent with intense spicy notes and hints of almond blossoms. The palate is dry, well structured, and full and combines the complex fruitiness of liquor-soaked cherries with intriguing spicy notes.

Butera experienced an especially warm summer in 2012, particularly during the maturation of the grapes. Despite the unusual heat, there was a good difference in temperature of approximately 50°F. This contrast, paired with consistently bright sunshine and a reliably moderate rainfall, created the prime environment for the grapes to mature to their fullest potential, making them healthy and complex. The wine partially owes its unique characteristics to the location of the estate, which is situated in Sicily's "Sun Belt". Here the climate is manipulated by African winds and the Mediterranean Sea, creating a classic Mediterranean climate. Given these variables, the paucity of the Butera's soils, and the area's hilly landscape, the resulting terroir is practically perfect for Deliella, making the wine more complex with good aromatic intensity and an unbelievably well balanced structure.

Feudo Principi di Butera boasts 29 lots on its property; however, there are several designated with special status. For example, Lot 16 dedicates five of its ten hectares solely to the production of our flagship wine, Deliella. In order to produce this special wine, the lot maintains the utmost quality; if the grapes do not match the winemaker's desired quality, no wine is produced and the winemaker skips a vintage. For our normal Nero wine we produce 80 quintals per hectare, for "Deliella" we produce 50 quintals per HE. This again will show the higher quality we produce at Butera for our top wine.

"Fermentation takes place in special 90-hectaliter steel tanks, which were acquired solely for the small-scale production of this flagship wine. The wine is aged in first-year French oak tonneau for 18 months, followed by a bottle aging of eight months. We do have some years – but not many – where we age a small portion of our Deliella wine in 3,000-liter barrels for style change. This is a choice I must decided upon every year." - Winemaker, Claudio Galosi



750 mL