Cape Gazette – Two Reds, Two Whites and a Blue Wine Make Things Festive


By Cape Gazette

Sunday evening was the bomb! After a brief burst of activity at Grove Market, the night proved to be uneventful until my drive home. Rehoboth traffic was flagged to a slow, confused mess, as fireworks let out there. I was told the smoke and red glare of the rockets bursting in air was quite lovely. Contrary to the ballyhoo by Mr. Trump’s whipping boys and gals, proof to all that this land of the free and brave still enjoys some degree of patriotism. Keeping with the theme, let’s do two reds, two whites and a blue today.

Castello del Poggio Prosecco DOC is a straw-colored demi-sec with loads of sparkling tiny bubbles. Bright apple aromas supported by palate-cleansing minerality complete the package. This was sent to me as a sample. Place it on your list for a future purchase. Feudo Principi Di Butera 2014 was delicious with lobster and shrimp flashed ultra-hot with butter, red and spring onions, then poached in lobster broth, with tomato concassé added at the finish. Be sure to poach slow and low. Striate tails to prevent curling. Feudo is slightly green-tinged straw with a clear eye. The bouquet was floral (acacia and almonds) with some apple and tangerine. Nose repeated through the medium-bodied wine and was supported by crisp acidity and mineral notes, 88 McD points. Buy at $16 or $80/6-pak.