Casa Vinicola Zonin winning strategy on the international stage


Enduring Success for Zonin Prosecco and Zonin Estates Wines in Usa, Germany and Uk.

Absolutely Innovative Approach to the Chinese Market


At Vinitaly 2013 the family-owned wine company based in Veneto Region celebrates a very positive growth in export sales: 2012 export consolidated turnover of 105 milions Euro demonstrates that Casa Vinicola Zonin export quadrupled in the last five years.

Thanks to a true market oriented approach to international business -“tailoring” custom made business plans for each country – CVZ consolidates its leading position in key markets like Usa, Germany and Uk and constantly increases its presence in Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Russia, with a special interest for the upcoming opportunities of the Chinese market.

Excellent performances must be reported for Zonin Prosecco Doc, a traditional winning horse for Casa Vinicola Zonin: with a global average increase of 16% in 2012, the beloved sparkling wine of the “Italian Lifestyle” conquers Uk and Canada, followed by Germany and Usa. Among Italian Proseccos, Zonin Prosecco has the 7,5 % of market share in USA, 12,5% in Uk and more than 22% in UAE and 40% in Australia!

But Casa Vinicola Zonin’s strength is its multi-branded portfolio with dedicated range to OFF & ON trade and its wide assortment covering all the price segments from daily consumption
to top tier wines: in 2012 the Zonin Family Estate Brands confirmed to be worldwide recognized as a mark and guarantee of high quality, especially referring to the increasing presence on the international stage of Castello del Poggio (Piedmont), Rocca di Montemassi (Maremma), Castello d’Albola (Chianti Classico) and Tenuta Ca Bolani (Friuli). A recent re-organization of the Company’s Export Department was meant to support the awareness of Zonin Estates quality wines throughout the best restaurants and top venues of the world. The new Prestigious Account Division in less than 3 months was able to list the Estates’ Wines in more than 10 Michelin Stars restaurants and create a network with sommeliers of the most exclusive international venues.

A new priority for the internationalization of Casa Vinicola Zonin is the complex Chinese market, consisting of large metropolitan areas as well as the so called “secondary” cities. Despite of the global crisis, China is a constantly expanding market, where sales of wine increased of 21% in 2012. In order to better support its Chinese importers, Casa Vinicola Zonin hired two Country Managers of Chinese nationality in the last months, with the goal of being the ambassadors of the Zonin brand and the Zonin Family Estates brands, values and propositions in China, committing to consumers through the right messages, attitude and positioning. Interest for China dates back in time for Casa Vinicola Zonin: 1996 was the year in which the Company began to explore the Chinese market in a pioneering way and in 2005 it developed G3, a project empowered with Torres family (Spain) and Baron Philippe de Rothschild (France) to promote the excellence of European wines in emerging markets like China through events, tastings and press conferences with the aim of creating a “Old World” system to penetrate the market.

After positioning its wines in the main metropolitan areas, Casa Vinicola Zonin declares its goal of discovering the taste preferences of the upcoming consumers of the “secondary” cities of China. This big Country with vast economic and cultural differences, is characterized by heterogeneous gastronomic traditions and new wine consumption opportunities can be proposed.

Massimo Tuzzi, Chief International Officer of the Company, says “We are conducting an in depth market research on 18 Chinese medium cities to understand the taste of current and potential consumers. Our goal is to be able to anticipate consumers needs in a market that continues to evolve and to propose the most suitable wine for new Chinese wine lovers from the different areas of China. We don’t want to make the mistake of considering China as a great and unique market “.

In an appealing Country where only the 2% of the population currently represents the wine market, Casa Vinicola Zonin wants to conquer new consumers, passing onto them the value of “Made in Italy” high quality. Gambellara, April 7th 2013

You can meet us at Vinitaly 2013- VeronaFiere:

Casa Vinicola Zonin Pav. 4 Stand F5 

Feudo principi di Butera Pav. 2 Stand 60D-72E 

Rocca di Montemassi Pav. D “Maremma Wine Shire” Stand E1 – E2, Desk n° 7


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