Zonin Prosecco

Wine of the Week – Zonin Prosecco $12

wine zonin prosecco
Warm summer weather is lingering well into the early days of fall. This makes it a perfect time to indulge in the refreshing, summer like pleasures of the Italian sparkling wine Prosecco. Zonin of Gambellara in the province of Vicanza in the Venoto region of northern Italy is the perfect companion to late summer and early fall outdoor dining. The light, dry sparkling wine is perfect for just about anything you'd serve, from soft cheeses to prosciutto and melon to salads, smoked salmon or grilled chicken and vegetables. Italy's largest family owned winemaker with complete control of the winemaking process from the vineyard to the bottle. Bright fruit flavors of ripe melons, white peaches and hints of honeysuckle and fresh limes with a hint of wild oregano make this a delicious mouthful. Served well chilled, its also great on its own as an aperitif or try it in one of my favorite incarnations, the Aperol spritz, consisting of equal parts Aperol, an orange liqueur made by the same folks that make Capari, a dash of triple sec, a Pellegrino float to fill the glass and a healthy slice of orange on the side. It’s how the cocktail hour is celebrated along the Grand Canal in Venice and the burnt orange color mingles perfectly with the reflection of a Venetian sunset on the glass!