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Try these eight Prosecco sparkling wines

Prosecco sparkling wines
I have written about Prosecco before, and it has only continued to increase in popularity since then. The bubbly from Italy is one of my go-to wines for a party or fun-filled dinner with family and friends, and it also offers up a great selection of food-friendly wines that are good values. Just how popular is Prosecco? Sales of the sparkling wine will surpass 412 million bottles by 2020, according to industry estimates. This is because of its affordability, and its easy, light style that offers a good mix of choices for most taste buds - from those new to wine as well as long-time wine drinkers. Along with being a good drink on its own, the bubbly is also frequently used in cocktails, such as the popular Bellini, which mixes peach puree and Prosecco and was made famous at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy. Prosecco is typically made with the “Glera” grape, but now it can also be made with the same grapes used to create Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and even Pinot Noir, according to a report about National Prosecco Day, which was Aug. 13.