Zonin Prosecco

Zonin Prosecco – The First Choice of Southern California

Casa Vinicola Zonin USA, largest Prosecco producer in Italy, announces soaring sales of ZONIN PROSECCO in Southern California. Zonin Prosecco rose to a 20.9% Share of market ending 12 weeks from Nov 27, 2011 in the Southern California Market according to Grocery Scan Data. “There’s never been a better time to be a sparkling wine producer. These numbers are stunning for our Prosecco in California considering the popularity of California whites and sparklings” said Steve Howard, National Sales Director for Casa Vinicola Zonin USA. Zonin Prosecco is an authentic Italian sparkling wine made out of 100% Glera grapes, can be shared and enjoyed anytime of the year. Prosecco is a lively, sparkling wine that is essential to having fun Italian-style. Its fresh and delicious food friendly profile lends itself to any occasion. Before a meal, Zonin Prosecco makes a perfect palate-cleansing aperitif. It’s also just the right thing to pair with your favorite savory fare or seafood dishes. And most importantly, Zonin Prosecco also makes the end of any meal a grand finalé! Casa Vinicola Zonin USA is wholly owned by Casa Vinicola Zonin S.p.A. in Italy; a company of seven generations of wine makers with eleven estates located in the most prestigious wine growing areas in Italy.