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How to Open and Properly Pour Prosecco

How to Open and Properly Pour Prosecco
When celebrating a significant life event, career milestone, or just a fun Saturday night with good friends, not much thought probably goes into how to properly open a bottle of bubbly, right? You may have decided to try the classic “shake it up and pop” trying to spray the carbonation around as championship sports teams do. While it may be fun and look exciting, the truth is that it creates a sticky mess, and no one gets to enjoy the special drink that was purchased. No one wants a few drops of foamy prosecco in their glass. So, instead of turning an opportunity for multiple glasses of enjoyment into a few seconds of related fun, we’ll explain how to open prosecco and enjoy every last drop, the right way!

How to Open and Pour Prosecco the Right Way


First and foremost, you must only serve cold prosecco. Serving a chilled bottle will ensure that the foam is minimized, and nothing is spilled (aside from any user error). Stay away from ice buckets because that will cause the prosecco to be too cold. Knowing how to serve prosecco properly will increase the overall experience greatly. Too cold or too warm of prosecco and the taste can be distorted. Experts recommend allowing the bottle to warm up naturally (on the counter) to about 55 degrees. But, if you are looking to spray foam in celebration, grab a warm, cheap bottle for the best results. Buy the cheapest you can because let’s be honest, no one will be drinking the foam. Avoid storing in the fridge for too long (days before opening) because the cork will dry out from the lack of humidity and reduce the quality of the seal, which leads to the prosecco becoming flat.

Popping the Bottle

If you wish to enjoy the sweet deliciousness in the bottle, DO NOT SHAKE IT. Instead, take a kitchen towel and place it over the cork. Slowly, twist and pull the bottle back and forth (holding it at a 45-degree angle and away from everyone) while holding the cork firmly in the other hand. This is how to open a bottle of prosecco the right way. You may find that it is a bit harder to open a bottle of prosecco versus champagne and that’s because there is less pressure in the bottle (3 vs. 5 or 6 atmospheres) pushing on the cork to help you open it. This causes the bubbles to be a bit frothier and less fine as champagne bubbles.

How to Pour Wine

You can either fill the glasses on a flat surface, or you can angle the glass to help control the bubbles a bit more, allowing it to hit a larger surface area. Pouring them on a flat surface will require a bit more patience because the violent nature of the prosecco hitting the bottom of the glass will cause a bit of foam, so it is often preferred to pour at an angle into the side of the glass to “cushion” the bubbles. First, you should pour just an ounce and let it calm down then you can top off the glasses. If you want to ensure the best pour, try chilling your glasses beforehand to match the temperature of the prosecco. This will help keep the bubbles since they are more delicate than champagne’s bubbles. How to Pour Wine

Type of Glass

Wine experts recommend using a wide tulip glass or even a large wine glass for serving prosecco and other fine champagnes. The idea is that in a champagne flute, when someone is sipping (rather than gulping), the bottom portion will be warm compared to the top and give an inconsistent drinking experience. A glass with a large base will help ensure even temperature throughout the time drinking.

Number of Pours

You may find yourself asking, “how many of prosecco is in a bottle?” Well, in a normal 750ml bottle of prosecco, the recommended number of glasses is six. This gives each glass 125ml of the delectable drink to enjoy. Now that you’ve become an expert on how to open and serve prosecco, the only thing left is for you to get a bottle or two of Zonin Prosecco and invite some friends over. If you don’t have anything to celebrate, you can celebrate the fact that you gained a bit of interesting knowledge. Life is about celebrating the little things, too! To find out where to buy Zonin at, visit https://zonin.wpengine.com/locator/.