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How Many Calories and Units Are in Prosecco?

How Many Calories and Units are in Prosecco
In a health-conscious world, even when consuming alcoholic beverages, most people want to have a basic awareness of nutritional factors, including the calories they are ingesting. Knowing the unit content is also helpful for keeping alcohol consumption in healthy moderation.  For your questions and convenience, we have put together a quick list of calories and alcohol units in Prosecco, as well as additional information on the health benefits of drinking this incredible sparkling wine. 

Alcoholic Units in Prosecco 

Many medical experts suggest keeping alcohol content to no more than 14 units per week. For a bit of perspective: A four fl. oz glass of Prosecco typically contains about 1.5 units. That leaves plenty of room for several glasses a week. 

Calories in Prosecco

As for calories, that same four fl.oz serving of Prosecco contains about 90 calories. Using that equation allows you to factor a glass or two into your overall caloric intake. That means you can go ahead and pour yourself a sparkling glass. You definitely have calories to spare.  Now that you have the basic math down, here are a few great health benefits of drinking Prosecco. So, lift your glass and offer up a toast: “Here’s to your health.” 

The Health Benefits of Fewer Calories 

With an average glass, Prosecco has about 60 calories fewer than wine. That means you can celebrate those saved calories by sipping another glass of Prosecco or enjoying an extra appetizer or two. 

The Health Benefits of Lower Blood Pressure

A glass of Prosecco is known to improve blood vessel function and therefore our blood flow. By introducing plant based Polyphenols, and reducing nitric oxide from our blood, drinking Prosecco can do wonders for our health. And here is why it matters: Increased blood flow reduces blood pressure, as well as the risk of dangerous clot formation. 

The Health Benefits of Improved Lung Function

A study by the European Lung Institute found that drinking white wine (Prosecco included) improved overall lung function. So, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a chilled glass. Here’s to a deep, inspired, cleansing breath.  The Health Benefits of Improved Lung Function

The Health Benefits of Lower Blood Sugar

A study in Denmark found that drinking wine in moderation (including sparkling wine, like Prosecco) along with a proper, healthy diet, reduces the risk of diabetes. 

The Health Benefits of Improved Memory

We all know that too much alcohol consumption can cause memory lapses, but did you know that studies have shown that in moderation, having an alcoholic drink, including Prosecco, actually improves one's memory? Yes, it’s actually true. 

The Health Benefit of Getting Fewer Colds

While there is still no cure for the common cold, studies show that those who drink Prosecco in moderation reduce their odds of catching a cold by approximately 40%. So, put the tissue on the shelf, and grab a glass of Prosecco instead. Cheers to good health. 

The Health Benefits of Anti-Aging

By increasing antioxidants—that might otherwise cause your skin cells to experience signs of early aging— you are likely to feel better after a glass of Prosecco, and you will look better too.  Drinking a chilled glass of bubbly Prosecco is more than a great way to enjoy a romantic evening for two. As you can see: In moderation, it also has incredible health benefits.  The bottom line: Prosecco is a win/win If you are looking for the best Prosecco, made from quality Glera grapes and old-world traditions - Zonin is, by far, the perfect choice. To discover more about our Prosecco, and for creative pairing ideas feel free to read some of our other blogs.